(Last updated : Dec 24.2018)

Regular Oral Rinse / $9.95 >> $9.30
Regular Toothpaste / $9.95 >> $9.30

Whitening+Fresh Breath
Charcoal Toothpaste / $10.45

PLUS Oral rinse / $13.95 >> $12.80
PLUS Toothpaste / $13.95 >> $12.80

PerioTherapy Oral Rinse / $12.95 >> $12.30
PerioTherapy Toothpaste / $12.95 >> $12.30

Dry Mouth Oral Rinse / $9.95 >> $9.50

Icy Mint Oral Rinse / $9.95 >> $9.50

Oral Rinse for Kids, Anti Cavity : $8.50

Soothing Oral Rinse / $13.95 >> $12.80

AktivOxigen Serum : $21.00

Probiotic Lozenges: 8 Tabs /
$11.95 >> $11.30

Fresh Breath Throat Spray / $8.50 >> $8.20

PLUS Power Drops(Extra Strength) : $11.00 >> $10.50

PLUS Nasal Sinus Drops : $12.00 >> $11.50

Mouth Wetting Lozenges : $9.95 >> $9.50

Oral Health Vitamins: $19.95 >> $19.50
(30 caps)

TheraBreath Chewing Gum/Box : $27.00

HydroPulse Nasal-Sinus Irrigator / $97.00

HydroFloss / $98.00

How to order


My name is Du-Sik Kim and I am the distributor of TheraBreath Products in Korea. Are you an expatriate living in Korea?
Do you want to purchase really good working bad breath busters? Here is how you can place an order and get it in easier manner and quick shipment. All the more cheaper price is also yours!

OK, are you ready for the products to buy?

Please go as in below process.
Genuine TheraBreath products are shipped directly to you from TheraBreath Home Office in LA, Calif., USA.

Please send me(TheraBreath Korea)
1. Products you want.
2. Your full name exactly as it is written in your passport.
3. Your Passport Number(It is required by the Korean Customs Office for clearance)
4. Shipping address. You may send me address whether in English or in Korean.
5. Cell phone number.

Please send me above information by ;
- Email, addressed to : OR
- Text or Kakao Talk at my cell phone 010-3243-3042
You can easily find and contact me by my Kakao ID: TheraBreath. If you search 'TheraBreath' on KAKAO, you will get the result below two icons and you may click whichever will take you to me.

- You may also dial 010-3243-3042 for verbal contact with me.

Payment : by Credit Cards or Bank Transfer
Upon receipt of your order message, I reply to you with total price.
You may pay by Credit card or Bank transfer to my local Korean bank account. Credit cards issued in other countries but Korea are not accepted due to security reason. Only cards issued in Korea are acceptable.

Shipping Charge:
Orders amount less than $40.00 : $6.00
Orders amount $40.00 or more : Shipped FREE!

Receipt: Issued by TheraBreath Home Office

Shipment :
Orders are shipped directly from TheraBreath Home Office in LA, Calif, USA to your door within 4-5 business days.

Return and Refund Policy :
Order cancellation is not available. You may return products within 30 days for immediate refund on your return shipping charge. Please notify me of return and get the consent prior to return shipment.

Thank you

Du-Sik Kim
TheraBreath Korea